Get Your Game On: This Gaming Hub for eSports Tournaments in the Arab Region wants you to sign up!

The gaming industry has been increasing exponentially throughout the world. In under a minute, you can find the rates growing higher and higher be it in sports games, action games, etc. These games get their players extremely intrigued into this seemingly other world, grasping every inch of their undivided attention towards it. Now, how can gamers expand their gaming industry even more, make more, and implement other strategies that would be of interest and appeal to both themselves and internationally? Well, there’s an answer to that too! Virtual regional competitions, in collaboration with eSports, will be sponsored by global brands as they shoot to become major players in the multi-billion-dollar gaming industry!

Indian expat Saad Khan realized there was a “huge opportunity” in promoting eSports in the region four years ago, when he witnessed the vast amount of people and game enthusiasts crowding into cyber cafes in Dubai. And that’s how Khan, the technology enthusiast, decided to up this game by creating the ‘Gamers Hub Media Events (GHME),’ which will host e-Sports tournaments throughout the Middle East!

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With such a massive growth in the Middle East, the gaming market in the Gulf is expected to reach $821 million this year alone, while having the biggest players in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, according to consulting firm Strategy&. For Ghazi Beydoun, a gaming enthusiast heading the business development at GHME, the future of eSports in the Middle East seems to be quite promising as many emerging talents are developing in countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The question at hand is, are you one of these talented and passionate gamers? The gaming industry, as well as these eSports competitions are escalating specifically in the Gulf countries, encouraging more and more talents to join!

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