“Impossible Is Nothing”: Here are the Arab x Adidas Celeb Collabs That Have Made the Cut

In recent years, Adidas, one of the world’s leading sportswear giants, has been taking steps to connect more with its Arab base, and what better way to do that than with collaborations with the region’s sports and pop culture figures? With campaigns featuring big names such as Mohammed Salah, Walid Yari, and Abla Fahita, we thought we’d give you a look at the biggest Arab x Adidas collabs, and all you need to know about them.

Mohamed Salah

Two days ago, the Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah posted his latest collaboration with Adidas on Instagram. The well-made piece of advertisement explores Salah’s beginnings’, his rise to fame, and the international phenomenon that he became.

Arwa Al Banawi

In 2017, Saudi designer Arwa Al Banawi dropped her Adidas P.E. Capsule Collection, in which she created an athletic, comfortable, yet different look to all the misfits and rebels. Rumor has it that a new collaboration is in the making.

Via Vogue

Shaker Kashgari

Saudi-Moroccan calligraphy artist Shaker Kashgari exploded in 2019 after his Adidas collab on the world’s first football jersey featuring Arabic calligraphy. The limited-edition Juventus jersey celebrated Arabic culture and the team’s diversity.

Abla Fahita

The presenter, the woman, the puppet — the one and only Abla Fahita took Instagram by storm when she revealed her collaboration with Adidas MENA for their new green Stan Smith campaign.

Walid Yari and Enjy Kiwan

The VRCT Adidas collection became an instant hit across all GCC stores for its celebration of Arab culture and language. A number of international athletes including Walid Yari, worked closely with Adidas to bring to life badges that represent who they are; the “Yalla” badge was Yari’s brainchild. TV Presenter Enjy Kiwan posted on IG wearing the “Family” jacket, wherein she shared a beautiful anecdote about her son, and the importance of family.

Al Nasr Club Women’s Basketball Team

In a Vogue x Adidas collab that focused on Arab women, UAE’s Al Nasr Club Women’s Basketball Team, one of the MENA’s leading women’s youth basketball institutions, was celebrated in a photoshoot featuring all players wearing Adidas originals.

Via Vogue

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