Arab Made: 10 Eco-friendly Tote Bag Brands to Shop From

Summer fashion and summer looks are all about colors, art and simplicity! Now, when we talk about summer and style, the first thing that pops to mind are tote bags which can rock your summer look! Now think about it, a tote bag is spacious, can fit whatever you want, and is quite practical too. They’ll actually add an edge to your outfits! These eco-friendly bags are perfect for groceries, traveling, the beach, gym, school and more. They became a widespread alternative to plastic bags because of the many ways in which you can use them. This is when fashion meets sustainability and a green environment! Today’s tote bags are stylish, durable, and comfortable to carry. Scroll down to shop for some cool stylish tote bags!

Shop Calma

How about a new fashionable look to your tote bag? With this tote bag you’ll enjoy your summer all stylish and comfy!

The Totes House

The Totes House suits all types of people. If you’re into music they have the bands tote bags, if you’re into art they have the artistic and the abstract too, and lastly to all women out there, you’ll find some great women empowerment tote bags!


Authentic and contemporary art on their bags, all made by the amazing architect graduate Noor Al Asadi!

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The really cool thing about Sunbox is that they have some of the nicest quotes that you’d love to wear, and of course their creativity and art too!

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Art, calligraphy and Egyptian culture all on one bag!

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Tote Bags and More

Why not customize yourself a nice tote bag that suits not only your personality, but your style too!

Zero Waste Little Bags UAE

All about patterns and colors, these bags will lighten up your day!

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To all UAE residents, this is your new go-to website to cater your tote bags wishes and needs.

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Lebelik was created out of a feeling of deep affection to what is real, authentic and raw to its Lebanese audience.

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A store for eco-friendly products, Fasaha focuses on Arabic quotes on their bags. In other words, every bag has a statement!

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