Faten Ali Nahar: The Woman Running Against Assad for Syria’s Presidency

It’s a seemingly hopeful and bright future from where we’re standing. Bashar Assad has been ruling Syria since 2000, when he took over after his father’s death, who ruled for 30 years. Some have expressed their disbelief that elections are even considered valid when Assad is elected. Regardless though, there is a brave woman who will be running for the presidency in Syria this year, making her the first female to ever do so in Syrian history!

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Faten Ali Nahar

Hailing from Syria’s capital Damascus, 50 year old Faten Ali Nahar is the first female to apply for Syria’s highest job. Very little is known about her. She doesn’t have a history in Syrian politics or many accomplishments to her name. So, for her to make this move is indeed a very courageous and ambitious one. We don’t know much about her probability of chances for coming up on top, but the whole matter on its own nonetheless is a unique step for the country.


Meanwhile, Syria has been going through an intense civil war in the last decade. Moreover, the elections that will be held on the 26th of May this year are largely symbolic, as people believe President Bashar Assad will win yet again. He has been winning consecutively for years, with over 90% of the votes to his name. Years of corruption, war, and protests against Assad’s government have left Syria tiresome. At the moment, Assad has not yet announced his running in the next election, but its safe to say he surely will. For now, only Faten and two other male candidates will be running for president. One of the male candidates is a businessman who applied for the presidency before against Assad, and lost with just 10% of the votes.

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Faten being a runner-up, or even winning, would be a complete game-changer, not just for Syria but the Middle East overall. Never has a woman been elected for presidency in Syria or in any Arab country. Undeniably, it seems to be a very hopeful time for women, particularly Arab women!

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