Lebanon’s in Crisis: As Economy Collapses, Gunfire Disputes Arise

Lebanon is bleeding. The beautiful country is at the epitome of a nationwide catastrophe. It’s facing the worst economic challenge it has ever had; struggling with poverty, unemployment, demonstrations, and violence. This struggle has been ongoing since 2019 with tax increases and protests. It hasn’t ended since. However, it escalated. The country now holds the title for the most unequal wealth distribution in the world. Lebanon is now in the top 10 countries in debt. And all of this is during a pandemic.

Via NPR.

Violence erupted in one of Lebanon’s streets

The economic crisis grew during a recent incident just two days ago, according to The 961. On one of Lebanon’s streets, violence erupted, disturbing the peaceful aura of the holy month of Ramadan. An altercation erupted over the distribution of food rations. It resulted in the death of a young man, and the injury of two people, which isn’t a surprise, since there was gunfire involved in the dispute. All three of them were sent to the hospital for treatment, only to save the lives of just two.

Despite the shooter being arrested by the Lebanese Internal Security Forces, the damage was already done. It was after a mass shooting and spread of fear. Shockingly, this was not the end of it. Following that, people ravaged the warehouse and started stealing food supplies. This was all to have Iftar during the holy month, but unfortunately in the process, the purpose was defeated.

Poverty increased

This definitely conveys the state that Lebanon is in. With 70% of Lebanon’s wealth possessed by just 10% of adults in the country, they surely suffer from unequal wealth distribution. If Lebanon continues to be in debt, the economic crisis will most likely continue, especially with thousands of people losing their jobs and not being able to afford basic needs such as food and shelter, it’s a catastrophe.

That being said, the worth of a Lebanese pound declined to the point where 10,000 LBP could have gotten you a multitude of groceries in 2019, now in 2021, you can only afford a liter of milk, making the prices increase 5 times more. The increase in the wealth gap between the rich and the poor is shocking. As a result, Lebanon continues to struggle with the basics of human needs and it breaks the heart of the Middle East.

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