From Egyptian Farms to Japanese Stores: These Local Fruits Continue to Boost Egypt’s Economy

Egypt isn’t just famous for its premium Egyptian cotton. It’s also famous for its delicious, fresh fruits as well! Egyptian fruits have been invading the European market, and you might not know about it, but it’s a big hit. And not just that, but recently, a huge shipment of oranges was sent to Japan. It reached Japanese shores just recently, and has been one of the biggest challenges faced by the Egyptian Agricultural Quarantine Authority in recent years, reported its director, Ahmed Al-Attar.

This is not the only country that imports oranges from Egypt, and it’s not just oranges that Egypt exports. According to a statistical report made in 2019, oranges are the most exported fruits. In second place comes tomatoes, then in third place, grapes. Here’s a list of the top three exported Egyptian fruits and much more!


Fifty-one percent of 2019’s fruit exports were oranges. Egypt exported 1.4 million tons of oranges to different countries, and the main buyer is Russia, and the second-largest buyer of Egyptian oranges is Saudi Arabia! Aside from 2019, Europe is Egypt’s best importer.


To some, it might even be a surprise that tomatoes are even fruits. But they are, so are cucumbers and eggplants. Tomatoes came in second place in 2019, as the second most exported fruit from Egypt, with just 8% of exported fruits and vegetables being tomatoes.


One of the most exported fruits from Egypt is grapes. In 2020, Egypt exported grapes worth $221.5 million. The biggest buyer is the United Kingdom, buying 26% of Egypt’s share. In second place is the Netherlands, buying over 24%, and coming in third place is Russia with 9.54%.


Egyptian strawberries are some of the sweetest. Fresh strawberries are mostly exported to Europe, Russia, the GCC, and East Asia. With multiple types of strawberries such as Festival, Fortuna, Florida, and Sweet Sensation, Egypt stands out with their delicious strawberries!


The other bicolored fruit that makes Egypt special are mangoes, which are exported to more than 50 countries. Egypt exports these juicy fruits to Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Russia. Annually, Egypt receives a good income through exporting mangoes globally.

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