5 Games Like Monopoly Which You Can Play With Friends

Who doesn’t like to buy and trade properties? Monopoly grants you that possibility, even though you don’t have real money. However, the properties are also not real, but that didn’t slow down the huge popularity of the board game. Until now, about 250 million Monopoly sets were sold. Monopoly also offers the players the chance to develop virtual properties with houses and hotels. The game is extremely fun, as it gets the players to collect rent from their opponents, and the final goal is to get them into bankruptcy. But if somehow you’re tired of playing Monopoly but you want something similar, here are some decent alternatives that you can enjoy with your friends:

The Game of Life

The title says it all: in this game which is similar to Monopoly, you’ll get through different crucial stages of life, like paying taxes and bills, getting married, having children, and more. You’ll have to prove that you know how to handle money, and the player that wins is the one who will finish the game with the most money. In The Game of Life, you’ll get through both positive and negative aspects of life, and just like in reality, pretty much all of them will cost you money!

Railroad Ink

Monopoly has plenty of railroads to buy, and Railroad Ink takes that to an advanced level. This latter game is pretty puzzling, as the players have to open as many exits to the railroad as possible. Of course, time is always a luxury many can’t afford, and so it happens in Railroad Ink. Not finding those exits in time will get you to lose against your opponents.

Lords of Vegas

Lords of Vegas is very similar to Monopoly, and it sends the players into the streets of the city you’ve already guessed: Las Vegas. The players will have a certain amount of money at their disposal, as they get the chance to develop the Vegas Strip by purchasing casinos and hotels. Victory points are crucial in this game, and the winning player has to deal with as many casinos as possible. Lords of Vegas pretty much presents the usual life in Las Vegas in an accurate way, as the player needs to build, expand, and even take over casinos to gather profits and points.


Suburbia is only nine years old, but it can already be a worthy alternative to Monopoly. The latter game was first marketed on a broad scale almost a century ago: in 1935, by Parker Brothers. In Suburbia, each of the players has to try building the perfect community, regardless of how utopic that may sound. Each player is a neighbourhood developer and has to build upon his territory with each turn. There’s a staggering number of variations, which makes it practically impossible to play the same game more than once. The final goal is to end with the neighbourhood that has the highest population.


Although you may not like Risk, you have to admit that it really has a cool name. This game focuses on world domination, and it’s based on both strategy and planning. The goal of Risk is simple: to be the first who conquers the world. Risk is a classic board game, and it can be played by two to six people at once. The board of the standard version of Risk is depicting a political map of the world that’s divided into forty-two territories. If you like Risk, you may also prefer Scrabble Word Finder, Words with Friends, and similar board games.

Monopoly is perhaps the most popular board game in the world, as over half a billion people played it at least once. But even so, there are lots of alternatives out there, and new ones will always come.

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