In Pictures: Graffiti Artists Sowing Life and Hope Into Iraq’s Ruined City of Mosul

To replace the damage and destruction caused by ISIS, a group of graffiti artists, 7Arts, are beautifying the walls of Mosul in Iraq. Its residents had been living in absolute fright and devastation for years after ISIS took control over it in 2014 and left it in ruins. Under ISIS, art and music was prohibited according to their extremist interpretation of Islam. The latest mural painted by 7Arts was a tribute to some inspiring women, in celebration of International Women’s Day in March. Stretching along one of the walls in Al Zihoor neighborhood, they painted murals of the legendary Zaha Hadid and Umm Kulthum. Through their art, they hope to rebuild the city, support its residents, and draw global attention to a city that needs all the help it can get to stand back on its feet.

Scroll down to see how 7Arts have adorned the walls of damaged buildings in the city of Mosul.

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