Ramadan 2021: From Lekaa El Khamissi to Hend Sabry, These Arab Celebs are Redefining On-screen Fashion

Moving away from the story lines of each series and the performances of the celebrities, the fashion game is on the rise this Ramadan season. With each star’s role in the series, the actors and actresses are dressed very elegantly in modern styles and impressive outfits. Different eras, different locations, and different circumstances, but the one common element is a classy, on point sense of style. And the best part is that if you’re into following celebrity fashion trends, you have so many to choose from. So scroll down to see our favorites, and pick yours!

Lekaa El Khamissi in ‘Harb Ahleya’

Nada Moussa in ‘Fares Bela Gawaz’

Cynthieh Khalifeh in ‘Ded El Kasr’

Riham Abdelghafour & Dina El Sherbiny in ‘Qasr El Nile’

Yasmin Abdelaziz in ‘Elly Malosh Kebeer’

Arwa Gouda in ‘Harb Ahleya’

Ahmed Fahmi in ‘W Kol Ma Nefterea’

Fathy Abdelwahab in ‘Al Qahera Kabul’

Nardine Farag in ‘Qasr El Nile’

Hend Sabri in ‘Hagma Mortada’

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