Egyptian Celebs Then and Now, From Their First Ramadan Roles to Their Trending Roles Today

The Egyptian entertainment industry has always been rich with talents. In Ramadan especially, we get to enjoy these talents on screen in multiple TV shows and series, and every year, there are new talents and rising artists who start their journey into the world of entertainment. Many of these actors and actresses choose Ramadan as their gateway into the audience’s hearts because it’s a well-known fact that Egyptians get glued to their television screens during the holy month to follow the latest TV series and pick their favorite ones. This Ramadan, we’ve made a list of several Egyptian actors and actresses to look at where they started, and what they’re doing this year. Scroll down to remember and celebrate them and their roles!

Jamila Awad

She starred in Taht El Saytara for the very first time in Ramadan 2015, and back then, she was a spoilt young girl, a drug addict, and moved in with her boyfriend, Mohamed Farrag, who was a drug addict himself. The series, starring Nelly Karim, made mad waves at the time, and was a grand entrance for Jamila Awad into the industry. This year, she stars in Harb Ahleya next to Egyptian megastar Youssra, in a role that is new and very challenging to her with so many details that she’s doing for the very first time.

Tara Emad

Starting out as a model, after taking part in several ads, she joined a series directed by Hany Khalifa, Al Gamiaa, which motivated her to work on her acting skills and join acting workshops. Today, she stars with a huge role in Mousa, starring Mohamed Ramadan, who falls in love with her in the very first episode of the series. Also, in Ded El Kasr, she plays the role of a woman in a hijab, giving her a very different look than the one people are used to seeing.

Ahmed Dash

This exceptional young talent first appeared in Ramadan in 2014 in Ahl Eskendereya, and although it wasn’t a hit at the time, Ahmed Dash climbed the stairs of fame very quickly and currently has a place in many Egyptians hearts. He picks his roles well, and chooses series that are different and memorable. This Ramadan, he is starring in Nasl El Aghrab, alongside Ahmed El Sakka and Amir Karara, and we can’t wait to see what this role holds for him, especially since it’s the second time he acts in a series that is based in Upper Egypt, after Tayea.

Dina El Sherbiny

Dina El Sherbiny is an example of where ambition can take you. In Ramadan 2011, we saw her in the role of Dalia in Mowaten X, and slowly year by year, she climbed the ladder and started participating in Ramadan with an annual series, being the lead actress in it. This Ramadan, she stars in Asr El Nile, set in the 60’s, alongside Riham Abdelghafour as Camilia, whose husband passes away, forcing her to marry his brother and getting into an endless drama with the latter’s first wife.

Ahmed Malek

In 2010, Ahmed Malek first showed up in Ramadan in one of the most memorable series in Ramadan that year, Al Gamiaa, which revolved around Sheikh Hassan Al Banna and the Muslim Brotherhood which he established. In the series, Malek played the role of Al Banna when he was young. In a few years, his undeniable talent helped him garner a place in several films, ads, and series. This year, like Dash, he’s also starring in Nasl El Aghrab alongside, Ahmed El Sakka and Amir Karara.

Mohamed Ramadan

The one and only Mohamed Ramadan actually started small in the role of the legendary Ahmed Zaki, in the Cinderella series of Ramadan 2006. Although the series did not do very well and received endless criticism, Ramadan strived to make a name for himself, and in a matter of a few years, we saw him in ‘Ibn Halal’ taking the lead role in Ramadan 2014. Since then, in every Ramadan, there has to be one series by Mohamed Ramadan that achieves top trends throughout the entire month. This year, it’s Mousa, which is already trending after only one episode.

Nelly Karim

The Egyptian star Nelly Karim has been around for years. But she only started to take part in Ramadan 2013 with Bent Esmaha Zat, about a middle-class woman’s life in the Egyptian society from the 50s to the 70s. The series was a hit, and following its success, Nelly Karim has been present every Ramadan with very significant roles. This year, she stars as the lead actress in Ded El Kasr, and we wish her all the best.

Mariam El Khosht

She started as a talented voice over artist, and then moved to acting. In Ramadan 2017, with a bunch of rising actors and actresses, Mariam El Khosht took part in the Ramadan series La Totfea El Shams for the first time, making an entrance into the world of television series. From radio to film and TV, El Khosht has been gaining more of an audience every year with her work on different platforms. This Ramadan, she participates in Dina El Sherbiny’s Asr El Nile, playing the role of Shwikar.

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