Molten Your Way Through Winter With These Cozy Regional Dessert Spots

These days, a lot of us are starting to take out our dusty suitcases packed with winter clothes. With temperatures slowly dropping and winter fast approaching, everyone is getting ready for the chilly season. For the foodies out there, knowing that the weather is going to get chilly, there are cool dessert spots across the region that will not only give you that much-needed serotonin boost, but will also warm you up.

German Pancake Rolls at Süss

Making major waves In the dessert world, Süss is the foodie spot that has been bringing bizarre dessert inventions to Cairo. This is the dessert spot that likes to innovate, making unexpected sweet concoctions that take desserts to a whole new level. From the San Sebastiàn Cheesecake covered in everything from pistachio to lotus sauce to their lotus-covered Om Ali. For the ultimate warm experience, we recommend going for their German pancake rolls known as pfannkuchen smothered in rich chocolate, pistachio or lotus sauce.

Molten Sizzling Brownie at Molten Chocolate Cafe Arabia

Imagine a rich brownie floating on a bed of molten chocolate, oozing with warmth. That is what you will get by hitting up Dubai’s Molten Chocolate Cafe Arabia and trying out their molten sizzling brownie that is served on a hot skillet in their signature creamy Belgian chocolate. Along with their decadent molten sizzling brownie, you can also indulge in the warm, nutty embrace of their pecan pie or dive into their molten lava cake served with a delicious scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Sticky Date Pudding at Rain Café

This sweet Abu Dhabi cafe is all about rain-themed decor like fluffy clouds hanging from the ceiling as well as desserts that play on the idea of rain. Its creative vibe makes it perfect for a cozy outing with friends where you can try out their decadent sticky date pudding. This special British dessert is made up of a moist sponge cake filled with finely chopped dates and smothered in a warm and rich toffee sauce. As one of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s specialties, it is a dessert that doesn’t disappoint.

Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie at Choowy Goowy

The name says it all, Riyadh’s Choowy Goowy serves up two of the most important qualities in a chocolate chip cookie, chewy and gooey masterpieces. Offering a variety of flavors from peanut butter and salted caramel to Nutella and Kinder, we recommend going for the ultimate classic option of a warm and oozing chocolate chip cookie. You’ll get that sugar kick coupled with that satisfying warm feeling after biting into a perfectly made cookie.

Chocolate Fondue at Chocolate Bar

Chocolate lovers want any way to smother their faces in as much chocolate as possible and one of the best ways to do so is through a classic chocolate fondue at Doha’s Chocolate Bar. Melted warm Belgian chocolate sits high atop a plate served with brownies, fresh fruits and marshmallows, all are ready to be dunked into the decadent goodness. Get your friends together and hit up Chocolate Bar for the ultimate dessert that is best shared with many.

Hot Chocolate Brioche Toast at Cafe Lilou

Bringing decadence to a whole new level is a dessert crafted by Bahrain’s Cafe Lilou known to serve luxury at its finest. Imagine a rich brioche toast smothered in decadent hot molten chocolate, that is exactly what Cafe Lilou’s Assiette en Fête is all about. Their decadent hot chocolate brioche toast is a dessert that will be sure to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Indulging in any of these desserts this winter will be the perfect way to stay warm and cozy while out with friends and family during the upcoming chilly nights.

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