Leaving Home For Truth: US Travel Content Creator Quinn Talks Upcoming Trip To Gaza

Single father of eight kids, world traveler and humanitarian are some of the ways to describe American content creator Quinn. Known as Quinn the Eskimo, he has been traveling the world for three years and along his journey, he collected human stories to get a better understanding of what is happening throughout the globe. Now, he shifted his focus to war-stricken Gaza and has been watching the news to keep track of what is happening. This was not enough for him, he wanted to see Gaza for himself and document the truth to the rest of the world. We were lucky to have a special sit-in with Quinn at the Scoop office to see what he has planned for his trip to Gaza.

“My mission is to help other people to come in, we are creating a guide.” Taking the conversation to a deeply truthful direction, Quinn spoke about why he isn’t afraid of going to Gaza, “It’s bad to say but no one wants the white guy from America to die… There is a privilege that I didn’t ask for but I plan to use it to my full advantage to tell my story.” He is aware there is a privilege and he wants to use it to get to Gaza and be a gateway for the truth.

With all his travels, he’s aware that the difficulty is going to be in witnessing the truth, “We’ll be less safe in our hearts… being so ravaged with these people, hearing their stories and knowing the trauma they have been through and are going through… that’s going to be the hardest part.”

Going to Gaza, showing the truth is really important to Quinn, especially showing the truth to people back home in America. Being in America, Quinn likened a lot of the lives of the people akin to living in a bubble, “Unless it affects their lives, they just kind of think whatever they’ve been told… the vast majority have been indoctrinated by Israel.” Hearing it from Quinn, showcases how his trip is going to truly act as a window to a world not really witnessed all the way across the Atlantic Ocean.

Many await his trip to Gaza which he said he will take once there is an official ceasefire and conditions are safe. For now, he will continue to post videos and educate the world and even share snippets of his trip to Egypt.

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