American Social Media Sensation Quinn The Eskimo Treks All The Way To Gaza To Learn For Himself

Quinn the Eskimo, that is how he calls himself. A name that reflects his light character and fun presence, The American content creator has been traveling for three years, collecting human stories, and trying hard to live life to the fullest. During this short period, he lived in eight different counties. A father of eight children, and the author of “8 Ways to Be Happy”. He is currently dedicating his social media to a trip to the war-stricken Gaza strip, a security-free trip packed with danger.

Since October 7, Eskimo has been commenting on the Palestine-Israel situation. In an earlier video on his Instagram account, he attempted to educate the audience on the subject by saying that “hundreds and hundreds of years ago it was a Jewish land…fast forward during the first world war Palestinians were living there.” He described the current two-state situation as a failure. In the following videos, Quinn’s stance was that of utter condemnation to the atrocities inflicted upon the children and innocent people of Gaza.  In one video following the Jabalia Camp massacre, he said “You are literally exterminating the people.

It is only a few days until the restless and truth seeking Quinn decides that receiving news on what is happening in Gaza second hand is not sufficient. He decides to take off to Gaza and see for himself, then become the truth ambassador to the western world. “I woke up one morning a couple of weeks ago and said to myself, “I want to go to Gaza! I’m tired of CNN showing me what is allegedly happening and I want to see for myself!He is receiving hundreds of stories from people on ground in Gaza, and Egypt. In no time, his courage has inspired want to join him in the trip, many donated, many are offering all sorts of help.

Since the only way to Gaza now is through the Rafah Crossing, which requires a Press pass; Quinn made it to Egypt this Thursday and is currently planning out the adventure in Gaza with other people waiting to go in once a ceasefire is decided by Israel. In two or three weeks they are expected to go inside and stand side to side with the Palestinian people, selflessly and aware of possible danger.

Quinn is always sharing updates, which can be followed either on Instagram, telegram channel, or live streams on Clapper. You can join him by signing up on his website, or even donating money here.

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