Meet Pangeos: Saudi’s First Ever Turtle-Shaped Floating City

Saudi Arabia will soon be home to the world’s largest floating structure, a terayacht dubbed “Pangeos” named after the supercontinent called Pangea that existed more than 200 million years ago. Lazzarini, the Italian design house behind this massive city estimated that at least eight billion dollars are needed to build such a structure as well as an estimated timeline of 8 years. To begin the building process, one square kilometer of the sea will need to be dug out and a circular dam will need to be constructed.

With such a massive project, knowing that billions of dollars will be needed to bring this concept to life, Lazzarini have already begun a crowdfunding campaign allowing anyone interested in boarding this vessel in the future to buy a virtual ticket for sixteen dollars.

How Big Is Pangeos Going To Be?

To envision the magnitude of this future city which is still under construction, we can compare it to the world’s largest yacht, the German built Azzam measuring up to 180.61 meters in length.

The Pangeos is going to be even bigger than the gigantic Azzam as once it is complete it will measure up to 550 meters in length and 610 meters at its widest point, its wings. The enormity of the floating city will allow it to accommodate up to 60,000 passengers who will get to travel aboard the ship that will cruise at a maximum speed of five knots (9.2 km per hour).

What’s Expected Inside the Floating City

At the end of the day, this floating structure is considered a mega city which means that it will house everything that would be found in a typical city. The floating yacht will be home to 19 villas and 64 apartments on each wing of the terayacht as well as a mall and several beach clubs. 72 terraces will be available on the rooftop with a few overlooking the sea.

What People Are Saying

People took to social media to voice their comments towards this new and exciting future project. Some questioned how Pangeos will handle a large storm especially knowing that it travels at a slow cruising speed, others were curious as to how such a project would even be possible considering the amount of time, labor, materials and money that will be needed to bring it into formation.

What can be said for now it that Pangeos is still in its conception phase so we will have to see if over the years this futuristic city will actually get built and become part of Saudi’s Arabia’s massive waters . If it does, it will definitely break a few records:

“If realized, the turtle-shaped vessel will become the world’s largest structure ever built.”

Lazzarini Via Arabian Business

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