Mohamed Ramadan’s Latest Explosive Ad: Has He Crossed The Line This Time?

Mohamed Ramadan is no doubt a very successful actor. He does his own stunts, and Ramadan’s managers as well as his coworkers usually treat him as a boss, and he acts like it. He is after all “Mr. Number 1.” That behavior can be endured for a while, but when lives are at stake, shouldn’t it end? His latest ad put him and others in danger, and here’s what we know so far.

Lately, he’s been filming an ad using explosives. However, he got hurt in the process, and someone almost died as well. Actor Youssef Omar got first-degree burns all up his legs, and during the shooting, he was supposed to be making a jump on the count of three in order to shelter himself from a fake bomb. The action choreographer Essam Al Wareth, confirmed that they would be using a fake sound bomb, and asked Youssef to jump on the count of three. Unfortunately, the actor jumped just one second too late, resulting in his legs getting burnt.

Consequently, the actor’s mother, also an actress, spoke publicly on her Facebook account where she accused Al Wareth of reckless behavior and irresponsibility.

Lobna Wanas on her son and Essam

Lobna directed her message to Al Wareth, telling him that if Youssef was his son, would he have put a bomb below him as well? Without any precautions or even telling him?

إذا يوسف كان إبنك كنت هاتحط تحتيه قنبلة ومن غير ماتقوله أو تلبسه واقى ربنا ينتقم منكم عشان تضيع حياه شاب ذنبه الوحيد إنه وثق فى حد زيك ومين تانى بقى كان عارف إن فى قنبلة تحت أبنى ربنا ينتقم منكم

Posted by Lobna Wanas on Friday, March 12, 2021

Mohamed Ramadan on his injury

Some have said that nothing goes on in any of Ramadan’s projects without his approval first. Even though he himself was burnt as well, people on social media speculate that he had been aware that it was a real bomb. His reaction to the burns though have been nothing but chill, simply put. Ramadan posted on Instagram a picture of his burnt back, and in the caption he says he got burnt in a shoot, adding that authentic work is the most important factor for the fans.

This stunt is not the first controversial matter regarding Ramadan however. On the list include his number one video clip, with the expensive chains and cars, the time he did a song with the renowned Saad Lamjarred, who is currently facing rape charges, and has been accused several times of sexual assault. Or perhaps the time when Ramadan had taken a picture with an Israeli artist, causing an uproar in the Arab world. Though Ramadan has always been at the center of attention and causing controversy in some way, this time it’s different. Now there are lives on the line. When does it end, and where is the line?

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