Mo Ramadan is Making Headlines Again; Here Are 5 Times the Superstar Was Trending

Wherever he goes, the spotlight follows him. Every few days, the Egyptian superstar Mohamed Ramadan is trending on most social media platforms. Mo Ramadan trends for so many different reasons, either his latest music video achieved the highest views, or he was involved in a controversial incident, or even wore a weird outfit in one of his concerts.

Here are 5 times the superstar made top trends on social media.

Mo Ramdan takes a photo with the Israeli singer Omer Adam

When Mo Ramadan’s was displayed on a Spotify billboard in NYC’s Time Square

His issue with the private plane pilot

When Mo Ramadan hosted the biggest concert in Dubai

Mo Ramadan in ‘Al Ostoura’ which ranked as the most-watched video on MBC Misr’s YouTube channel since its inception

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