3 Middle Eastern Movies That Left Their Mark on the World of Cinema

Middle Eastern cinema is a delicate cinema. Middle Eastern cinema has its own style that cannot be found in other parts of the world. Delicate is the best word to describe it simply because it is emotional and beautiful cinema. When the general world of Europe and America thinks of cinema they think of blockbusters and money. Middle Eastern films are not like that, they tend to show the delicate side of the world and life. When thinking about Middle Eastern Cinema one might think of it as a promo code to life and everything it has to offer – from pain and sadness to joy and glee. 

This article seeks to recommend three of the best Middle Eastern movies. Read further to have movie recommendations for the next movie night. 

Le Petit Étranger (1962) – directed by Georges Nasser

This film is about hope and inspiration. It is about principle and justice. Le Petit Étranger is one of the films that will want you to go out and experience your dreams. This lebenese film follows a young man who abandons his dreams of becoming a pilot before he is plunged into a culture that is corrupt. At the time of the story Lebanon is at civil war and the heartbreaking and inspirational story makes you think beyond your own terms and safety. This was also the first non-egyptian middle eastern movie to be nominated for the highest award in Cannes. 

The Sin (1985) – directed by Henry Barakat 

The Sin is an Egyptian drama that will rock the core of your body. The story follows a young peasant, who gets raped and from it gets pregnant. She has to hide from the world in order to live in society. The film is a tour de force of sheer emotion and is terrifying and heart aching to watch. Henry Bakarat’s film is shot as a horror film and the use of the surroundings as well as the camera work makes the film an experience you will never forget. The Sin combines social commentary with art and does it almost to perfection. 

On the Edge (2011) – directed by Leila Kilani

The newest film on the list is On The Edge and is a crime drama from a former documentary director. In the city of Casablanca two young girls are drawn into it’s underworld. The story mixes art, cinema and a mise-en-scene that seems so real, that the viewer might have a hard time figuring out what is real and what is not. This is a movie that will make your heart go mental and you will wonder and yet know the answer to why Middle Eastern Cinema is delicate. 

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