Mohamed Henedy, Once Again, Proves to Us Why He’s the King of Twitter

Another day, another chance for Mohamed Henedy to make our lives 200% better using Twitter.


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The Egyptian comedian/Egyptian/Twitter king is known for being the absolute best when it comes to the Twitterverse. From slaying actor Ahmed Fahmy, to throwing shade at the “Rakebni El Morgeha” star and even challenging WWE champion Triple H to a match — he’s unstoppable.


His latest offering happened at Dubai, during Dubai International Film Festival to be specific, where a picture of him was taken next to fellow actor (and beefcake) Ahmed Ezz.


Via Mohamed Henedy


The festival’s official Twitter account posted that picture, and to their surprise (or not), Henedy struck back with the wittiest reply. It’s not brainer that Ezz’s height totally trumps Henedy’s. However, the comedian channeled some of his Photoshop skills and changed that fact.



WE SAID THIS: Last week, Twitter Middle East revealed that Henedy was the most retweeted person in Egypt in 2017.