Mohamed Henedy Expects Newest Movie to Set New Visual Effects Standards in MENA Region

Mohamed Henedy is finally back and it sounds like his upcoming movie will be leaving our jaws dropping to the floor. The Egyptian comedian announced his much-anticipated comeback on social media in a locally produced movie, where the actor portrays the character O’alet Al-Osboa (Translated as finger phalange)

Known for his tiny physique, the actor described his new role as a dream as he has always wanted to play a character that sheds light on the life of short people, jokingly adding that his size will save the graphic design team a lot of money.

The movie is written by Omar Taher, who has previously worked with Henedy in the cartoon series Super Henedy and the film Youm Maloosh Lazma. The actor added that an international team of graphic designers will takeover to deliver one of the most advanced visual effects a Middle Eastern movie has witnessed.

The same week, Youssef El-Sherif shared a teaser of his 2020 Ramadan series. Could the series include some incredible visual effects as well and overtake Henedy’s expectations for his own movie?

Via El-Kwayeseen

Speaking of resizing actors for movie roles, Ahmed Fathy played a dwarf alongside Ahmed Fahmy in El-Kwayeseen. We definitely hope Henedy’s team bring something new and fresh to the table because we’ve been waiting for this comeback for quite some time now.

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