In Pictures: Glimpses of 2019’s Eid Al-Fitr From All Over The Arab World.

Via Ummid.

One of two major holidays that Muslims around the world celebrate is Eid Al-Fitr, which literally means the festival of breaking the fast. It begins with the waxing crescent moon on the final day of fasting, heralding the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

The three-day festival witnessed more than a billion Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan with their friends and families all over the globe. Here in the Arab World, millions took part in this year’s Eid prayers, headed home, had a cup of tea with milk and some kahk, or Eid cookies, made themselves comfortable in a brand new outfit, then headed to visit family and friends.

Here are some pictures showing how the Arab region celebrated Eid.

A girl playing with a toy in Aqrabat, Syria. Via The Guardian.
Palestinian man prepares traditional Eid cookies to sell, Nablus, West Bank. Via Gulf News.
Children playing on the first day of Eid, Syria. Via Gulf News.
Eid shopping with in Al Wahda Lulu Mall, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Via Gulf News.
Eid decorations in Mall of Emirates, UAE. Via Gulf News.
Several people shop before Eid in the old quarter’s market in San’a, Yemen. Via The National.
Palestinian girl celebrating Eid, Jerusalem, Palestine. Via Gulf News.
Syrians tour the Hamidyia market before Eid. Via Gulf News.
Yas Island fireworks, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Via BBC.
Palestinian vendor prepares salted fish to sell before Eid. Via The National.
A shopkeeper and his market in San’a’s old quarter, Yemen. Via The National.
Shopkeepers with customers, Yemen. Via The National.
Woman shops before Eid, Yemen. Via The National.
Children playing with toys, Syria. Via BBC.
Celebration of the first day of Eid, Lebanon. Via Gulf News.
Yas Island fireworks, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Via The National.

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