Exclusive Sit Down With Mohamed Farrag After His Extraordinary Ramadan/Eid Season


Mohamed Farrag is arguably one of the most talented actors of his generation. He started his acting career in a play called Black Coffee in 2009 which received widespread acclaim from audiences and critics alike. He got his first leading role in the 2013 action movie, El Qashash.

This Ramadan, he starred in one of the most successful series of the season, Qabeel, and everyone talked about his outstanding performance. Moreover, his role in the hit Eid movie El Mamar received a lot of positive feedback.

We sat down with Farrag for an exclusive chitchat after these extraordinary last few weeks.

What was your favorite thing about your role in Qabeel?

What I liked most about my role in Qabeel is that he’s determined to reach his goal with the least effort. He was smart and he takes shortcuts efficiently!

And what was the most annoying thing about the role?

The most annoying thing was that he always wears heavy clothes, so I had to wear winter clothes while shooting in the summer!

What has been your favorite role so far?

I have several roles that are close to my heart, but here are my favorites. Ali El Ruby from Taht El Saytara, Sony from Haza El Masa’, Ali Bahr from Aho Da Eli Sar. I also like Suliman from El Maslaha, Hamada El Far from Ot we Far. Last but not least, Adam from Qabeel!

Which artist inspires you the most?

Definitely Ahmed Zaki! I also get inspired from Jim Carrey, and Jim Morrison.

How did you feel about working with Mohamed Mamdouh?

First of all, me and Tyson are friends from 15 years ago! We worked together back in the days when we worked in the theater. However, this is my first time to work with him in a movie. And I’m glad that our first time to cross paths since then was in leading roles.
I think he’s one of the most talented actors of my generation and I like him on both a personal and professional level. I like how he deals with his roles, and how he’s always evolving and breaking boundaries.

Who are you looking forward to working with in the future?

I would really like to work with Hind Sabry and Mona Zaky. I would also love to act alongside Maged El Kedwany and Khaled El Sawy. I would have loved to act with legends like Ahmed Zaki, Mahmoud Abdelaziz, and Khaled Saleh, may they all rest in peace.

What are your future dreams?

I would love to take an international role. I would really love to see how they do things differently in international movies! I would also love to be an influential figure in the field.

What’s a character you’d love to portray?

I loved history before my acting dream came to be. I would love to portray a historical figure, and we have tons of them in our history, whether in religion, politics, or science! I would love to portray Khaled Ibn El Waleed or Mosaab Ibn Omeir. Maybe also the physician Ali Mostafa Mesharafa!

Who’s your favorite Arab director?

Fateen Abdelwahab, Salah Abo Seif, Sherif Arafa, and Dawood Abdelsaid are my favorites.

Cinema or TV?


What’s your favorite movie genre?

Action, comedy, and drama.

What’s the thing you hate the most about the industry?

When the commercial part out-weights the artistic part in movies.

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