Middle East Airlines Helps Mother Give Birth Mid Flight

Imagine being pregnant, wishing for the beat during a flight, only for your water to beak and contractions begin up in the air.

Middle East Airlines (MEA) just joined a list of airlines that helped women in labour during flights. According to Annahar, during a flight from Doha to Beirut, a pregnant Filipino lady gave birth to a baby girl after entering Iraqi air space. The pilot reportedly rerouted the plane to Kuwait International Airport.

Lebanese Plane Spotters

“We’re proud of the crew, their high level of training and the way they acted. They proved their compassion, professionalism and drive which is of utmost importance,” chairperson at MEA Mohamed ElHout said.

This is not the first time a baby decides to come to this world while up in the air. Earlier in 2017, passenger Nafi Diaby was 42,000 feet up in the air aboard a Turkish Airlines flight when her baby decided to surprise us.

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