All Egyptian Mothers Can Definitely Relate to Ola Roshdy’s Latest Music Video!

Via Facebook

The mastermind behind the viral social media show, Weghet Mazar, Ola Roshdy, just released the most relatable music video for Egyptian mothers just in time for Mother’s Day! Weghet Mazar is already the most relevant content to Egyptian mothers on social media, and the new music video takes things to the next level!

The actress sings to the tunes of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines with a funny song called “3ayza Hodna”.


The music video portrays the daily struggles that every mother faces; like handling her daily chores and not having enough time for herself! Ola’s acting is super funny, and the lyrics by Shady Alfons helped in making it the most hilarious thing you’ll see on the internet today! Moreover, the one that deserves the credit for how well-made and neat the music video turned out to be is the promising young Director, Hady Bassiony!

WE SAID THIS:  Give Ola and all your mothers their well deserved “Hodna”, please!