Morocco Becoming Attractive Foreign Investment Destination, US Report Says

Morocco has been actively encouraging and facilitating foreign investment to increase the country’s revenues through trade liberalization, investment incentives, and structural reforms. And, it has been implementing a series of strategies aiming to boost employment.

The political stability Morocco enjoys, along with the forward-looking economic strategy, actually enabled Morocco to emerge as a regional manufacturing and export base for international companies. Recently the US department issued its 2019 Investment Climate Statements, showcasing Morocco’s stance on how willing it is to do business. In an overview; the report says that Morocco “enjoys political stability, robust infrastructure, and a strategic location, which has contributed to its emergence as a regional manufacturing and export base for international companies.”

Via: Econstrum

Due to the several ports as well as investment zones, Morocco managed to attract renowned international operations that specialize in the automotive and infrastructure industries which actually play a major role in Morocco’s economy. The automotive sector works with more than 120 different companies, generating a set annual revenue of more than $1bn dollars back in 2015. It also fills the unemployment gap by creating around 11,000 job opportunities, which contributes 8.5 percent to Morocco’s total employment.

WE SAID THIS: The North-African country is doing very well in positioning itself as a regional business hub.