Mickey Mouse Just Came to Dubai Miracle Garden In the Biggest Way Possible!

Dubai Miracle Garden just unveiled it’s newest record-breaking project; an 18-foot floral Mickey Mouse structure! The sculpture was built to mark the 90th anniversary of the creation of the Walt Disney character, that started it all, and the display won the Guinness World Record for tallest topiary-supported sculpture.

Via Gulf News

Engineer Abdul Nasser Rahhal, the brain behind the Dubai Miracle Garden, said: “We used almost 10 tonnes of steel and 100,000 plants. We used over 100 workers, engineers, and designers with 50 tonnes of concrete foundation. It is part of the upcoming 90-year anniversary of Mickey Mouse, and it is just the first floral sculpture as part of our agreement with Walt Disney company.”

The Dubai Miracle Garden sealed a licensing deal with the Walt Disney Company to install six more Disney characters in November.

WE SAID THIS: Our inner child can’t be any happier!