This Egyptian Online Platform Is Helping Undergrads and Fresh Grads Land a Job

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Most fresh grads today get stuck in the job hunting phase and have a hard time landing a job. Additionally, a lot of undergrads either struggle to find an internship or they’re unaware of how tough real life can be out there. The whole employment issue in Egypt is a very crucial one that requires us to shed light on. That’s why we sat down and had a quick chat with Paula Fahim, Founder of The Freshers Hub.

Via The Freshers Hub

Lots of graduates don’t make the most of all the options out there when it comes to finding work, for example Students and Alumni Internet Resources from their university. So, the Freshers Hub is the first online service in the country that gives full support to those looking for a job; especially fresh grads and undergrads. The platform that first started off on Facebook in 2016, helps people find their suitable career paths and gives them a glimpse of what their possible future might hold. In addition to the service of offering a wide selection of job opportunities, The Freshers Hub also tries to educate the market. This is done by providing workshops, sessions, and online courses that they believe are quite demanded these days. These include workshops in soft skills such as time management and team building. As well as workshops in hard skills such as digital marketing, copy-writing, and graphic design.

Additionally, The Freshers Hub writes small motivating pieces about young entrepreneurs who started their own businesses at a young age. Through these pieces, they aim to encourage not just entrepreneurs to keep on doing what they’re doing, but also others to turn their dreams into reality. Those article-like posts form a win-win situation. Start-ups gain more online presence as their social media audience grows, and The Freshers Hub gains more recognition as the posts expand to other networks.

Many fresh grads lack information on how to find a job and the requirements needed to get accepted. That’s why Fahim started this platform after he himself spent a whole year searching for a job after graduation. As his project that started off small was of high importance to the market, it grew quickly. That’s why he launched a website after five months only, gaining a reach of more than 110,000 visits.

Of course, there are plenty of obstacles that fresh grads face during the job hunting phase aside from the growing population and scarce job opportunities. Fahim believed that there were two other major obstacles; lack of awareness and candidate qualifications. “One needs to educate himself and become a self-driving person”, he advises. This could be achieved by reading a lot, applying for internships, and attending career advising sessions. As for candidate qualifications, he believes that having certain things in your resume like volunteer work experience or a summer job can improve one’s chances.

As the service is growing in importance, Fahim aims to expand his project in more cities in Egypt. By widening the scope of their audience, more job opportunities will be on the table.

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