Meet Yasmina Keyrouz: The Artist Behind Instagram’s Most Whimsical, Funky & Kaleidoscopic Digital Art

Art and the digital world are getting close by the minute allowing for endless artistic possibilities. Jumping onto that bandwagon is young Lebanese digital artist, Yasmina Keyrouz whose Instagram page has been growing in popularity because of her vibrant digital art. We got to have a fun chat with her to learn all about her exciting work.

It all started back in 2019, “back when I was a second year fashion student, I discovered how to turn my hand drawings into digital illustrations”. She later started using her trusty iPad and began posting all her work on Instagram and just like that her journey began.

Describing her work as, “funky, fun, positive and colorful”, Keyrouz went on to say that with every piece she creates, her aim is to make people smile and to add positivity and fun to their feed. If you scroll through her feed, you’ll notice how women are at the core of many of her digital creations, “I am all about women empowerment.”

Coming from Lebanon, she made sure to also shine a big spotlight on the country in a new and refreshing way, “Lebanon is a huge inspiration of mine… no one wants to remember home as a dark and corrupt place so with my work, I choose to highlight the positive things about my country.”

Beyond that, the artist is inspired by so many other things including fashion, cinema, the 70s and 80s eras, disco and more. Speaking of fashion, Keyrouz has big aspirations of linking her art with the world of fashion, “my dream collaboration would be to work on projects with industry giants like Jacquemus, Paco Rabanne, Louis Vuitton and more”.

For a fun twist, we brought the conversation to a close by asking her about her take on AI venturing into the art world, “It’s insane. Both good and bad insane. But I mean AI will always just be AI. It will never have the personal touch and identity that each artist adds to their work.”

To check out her spellbinding work, be sure to visit her official Instagram page.

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