Meet Malika: Egypt’s First Virtual News Presenter

The world of AI and virtual reality is growing rapidly and creating quite the buzz. Today, some of the biggest trends include hyper-realistic AI generated pictures of celebrities like Dorra Zarrouk and Amina Khalil or the growing use of ChatGPT in everything from content creation to wedding planning. Following that same bandwagon is the world of news and TV broadcasting. For the first time ever, Egypt’s Hya TV channel announced that they got their very first AI-generated news presenter.

Malika is an AI-generated TV presenter with an uncanny resemblance to your average everyday reporter. She is programmed to tell the news and is able to learn from experience by taking on new information and processing it. This is considered a big leap in the world of tech yet at the same time, many of the new advancements in the AI field have been creating concern among the tech community.

مليكة .. أول مذيعة ذكاء اصطناعي على شاشة مصرية تبدأ عملها في هي بإعلان كيفية الوصول لتردد القناة

مليكة .. أول مذيعة ذكاء اصطناعي على شاشة مصرية
تبدأ عملها في هي بإعلان كيفية الوصول لتردد القناة

Posted by ‎Hya TV – قناة هي‎ on Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Back in March, a lot of people in the AI field including big names like Elon Musk co-signed a letter asking to put a pause on any tech developments that are more advanced than the current version of AI chatbot ChatGPT. The way that AI-generated tech is growing has made people in the tech field want to take a more cautious and slower approach to the development of the technology as they are worried that things could get out of control. Thing is, there continues to be advancements and growth in this new field.

Now with Malika, one wonders what will this mean for the future of news in Egypt and whether this new development is an innovative step forward or a threat. With Malika being a very new development and addition to the world of news, it is hard to know from now her impact on the world of Egyptian journalism. All that can be said for now is that only time will tell.

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