Drake & The Weeknd Go Viral In AI-Generated Song

Just days ago, a new song by none other than Drake and The Weeknd became viral. But it not only became viral for its catchy lyrics and the iconic duo but for the unexpected twist behind it. The song wasn’t really a duet between the icons but rather one of AI’s recent creations.

After rapidly garnering millions of listens on streaming platforms, the song was removed. The track, ‘Heart on my Sleeve’ gives you quite the adrenaline boost with lyrics about The Weeknd’s ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, with first listeners believing it to be true.

The AI song creator, Ghostwriter, took to TikTok to share, “I used AI to make a Drake song feat. The Weeknd. This is just the beginning.”

This is not the first time that we’ve seen Drake’s voice in particular be manipulated. As just last month, a video of him resurfaced where he not only praised Egyptian artist Wegz but talks about listening to him. Of course, after many shares and likes, the video also turned out to be AI-generated.

People have been warning against AI’s rapid increase, as now more than ever there’s the ubiquitous use of it in everything; it’s become hard to tell what’s real from AI.

Let us know where you think AI is heading, particularly when it comes to the entertainment scene.

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