Meal Prep Tips for Busy Working Adults

The biggest struggle working employees face is staying on a healthy affordable diet. Along with hectic working hours and busy lifestyles comes the impossibility of taking home made food to work and ordering junk food day after day.

To end your office troubles, the only affordable and logical solution is preparing meals for the whole week in advance. Meal prep is a concept that has garnered huge online popularity – especially by dieters – due to its practicality and success.

Here is your guide to meal prepping like a pro:

Make a weekly plan

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It’s important to not cook in advance for more than five days. Food tends to lose its texture if left in the fridge or frozen for too long. Write down a clear and easy breakfast, snacks, and lunch menus and start shopping for ingredients.

Prepare a grocery list 

You don’t have to waste any time. Prepare a comprehensive list of everything you will need throughout the week including minor ingredients such as seasoning.

Dedicate one day a week for meal prepping

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Instead of burdening yourself with multiple chores and tasks across the week, dedicate a full day for cooking, dividing food into containers and labeling them.

Make sure you have enough jars and sectioned containers

Breakfasts as parfaits or soups go perfectly well in jars to prevent spillage. Tiny jars are excellent for honey, citrus or salad dressings. Try to buy different sized containers for different meals. Yet make sure for lunch time that you have multiple partitions in a container for salad, dips and snacks. Reusable Zip lock bags are a must.

Prepare your lunch box in advance

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The main issue with mixing food in containers and leaving them for too long is that it becomes too soft. A practical idea would be adding food in the form of layers in the containers or jars without mixing them and leave it in the fridge overnight.

Be prepared to eat the same thing over and over again

The plan is to cook in bulks that will suffice for five days. A versatile menu will triple the work. Try to keep at least three constant ingredients as rice or noodles and play around with side food such as chicken, meat, salmon, and vegetables.

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