Massar Egbari Just Released Their New Music And Salma Abu Deif Is Everything

Massar Egbari just left every fan hyperventilating after they released their amazing new music video Cherophobia. It’s only been a few hours and it’s going viral. The band left us with one simple caption that explained all the madness we witnessed in the video and we are in awe.

Now the one thing we are obsessed with right now is the model, Salma Abu Deif, who perfectly depicted the fear of happiness and joyfulness, A.K.A cherophobia. Not only is she one of the top and hottest models in Egypt’s fashion scene, every designer dream model, the girl is slaying it in what we hope to be the launch of an acting career. Those psychotic vibes she just pulled off are everything. We love Psycho Salma and we will be watching this on repeat all month long. Salmas of the world, watch how it’s done girls.

Check out the very refreshing, entertaining and slightly disturbing music video below:



مسار إجباري – شيروفوبيا (و نقص حاد في الاهتمام) / ٢٠١٦

شيروفُوبيَا (اسم): هَلَع مَرَضِيّ مِنْ شَيْء مُعَيَّن (سعادة/انبساط) أَوْ مجموعة مُعَيَّنَة مِن الْأَشْيَاء…و كل سنة و إنتي طيبة#شيروفوبيا#مسار_إجباري#الHD_احلي

Posted by Massar Egbari on Thursday, March 3, 2016