#Masaktach The Moroccan #METOO Campaign Is Leaving an Echo All Around the Country

It is indeed alarming to learn that according to a report issued in 2016 by the National Observatory, around 73% of Moroccan women face all sorts of violence in the streets. And with the recent gruesome stories about Khadija; women in Morocco have decided not to stay tight-lipped anymore and take part in the #Maskatach Campaign, (I Will Not Keep Silent), condemning the culture of rape and impunity.

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Khadija, a 17-year-old from the town of Awlad Ayyad, revealed in a video back in mid-June how she was abducted, raped, tortured, and tattooed. “I was standing with one of my relatives and suddenly one of them came carrying a sharp blade and threatened me until I walked with him. He took me to this place and I stayed there for two months” she explained.

Khadija was thrown in front of her home, left with tattoos from the horrific ordeal to live with, but she instantly went to the police station with her mother to report the incident. According to the AFP, twelve men aged 18 to 27 have been arrested and are facing charges of rape, kidnap, torture, making death threats and forming a gang. On the 10th of October, Khadija bravely called on women to also be courageous after confirming all the accusations in court.

The movement began trending amongst activists and social media users supporting Khadija’s bravery and other cumulative stories of other victims. This was not the only motive for starting the campaign; activists on social media launched a hashtag for boycotting the Moroccan Singer, Saad Lamjarred, after claims of him being charged with rape in France.

The hashtag has caused real turbulence and two popular radio stations; Radio 2M and HitRadioa have announced that they will no longer be playing Saad’s songs.

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