Mario e Mario Trattoria, Mario Jr’s Ode to His Father

An Ode to Senior Mario. Italian restaurant Mario e Mario, takes a beautiful house in MarMikhael with a beautiful story and has turned it into the personal setting of a cozy trattoria.

As narrated by Mario Jr. the restarting is inspired by his father who shares a life-long passion for Italian cuisine. Mario Senior heads the Italian Academy for Gastronomy in Lebanon and has earned honorary awards in recognition of his skills in Italian cuisine.

 “A lot of people think that Mario e Mario came from love to myself, which is not true. It is an ode to my dad whose name happens to be Mario” said Mario Jr.

Via Variety

The traditional Lebanese house was taken by Mario and turned into the cozy spot back in 2013. It is painted yellow, and the shutters are purple.

About Mario Haddad Junior

Raised close to cinema from a young age, due to the family film distribution business ‘Empire Cinemas’. Mario runs some of the most successful restaurants in Lebanon, namely: Le Sushi Bar; Mario e Mario; Mariolino; and Al Falamanki.