How to Take Instagram-Ready Architecture Photos

Who doesn’t love snapping pictures and then posting them on Instagram? You can share your images with friends and family or even have them printed out and made into a wonderful album by using the services of a photo book maker.

There are photos of just about anything you can imagine on Instagram. People post snaps of their friends, families, pets and, of course, selfies. Architecture photos are also popular on the social media platform. You could take photos of buildings you see on holiday or simply interesting architecture in your hometown. We’ve put together a few tips to help you take perfect Instagram-ready architecture pictures. Read on to check them out.  

Think About Light

Whether you’re photographing architecture, live sports, people or pets, landscape or seascape, light is critical. The light will affect how your photo looks and can be used to accentuate particular elements in a shot. It’s important you understand how light behaves and how best to adjust your approach to take full advantage of it.

Try to shoot when it’s bright and sunny outside. Golden hour is the name given to the times at dawn and dusk when the sun is low down, creating perfect photography conditions. Golden hour is the ideal time to get out and snap some buildings, the long shadows the low sun creates can produce wonderful effects.

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Focus on the Details

The buildings around us today are huge. It can be easy to feel in awe by the might of those colossal skyscrapers, and there’s nothing wrong with taking pictures that encompass the sheer size and scale of these incredible structures.

However, if you want your architecture photography to really stand out on Instagram, a more effective approach can be to take a closer look and focus on the details. Hone in on the smaller intricacies that make a building unique. You could focus on small details on doors, windows or patterns in brickwork and paint. In doing so, you’ll allow people to see buildings from a whole new perspective.

Don’t Forget About the Past

New buildings are flashy and impressive, perfect for your Instagram feed. However, by looking into the past, you can uncover some architectural gems and take some truly stunning shots.

Old buildings have a certain charm to them that new buildings simply cannot replicate. It could be in their unique design and construction, the materials used, or even in the way they have aged over the years. Old buildings have soul and character, making them the perfect subject for your Instagram architecture photography project.

Consider Upgrading Your Camera

The final point in this guide concerns equipment rather than photography techniques. The cameras on our smartphones are more powerful than ever, but they are still relatively limited in terms of creative and technical control.

By using a modern DSLR or mirrorless camera, you’ll be able to manually adjust settings like aperture and shutter speed, and you’ll even be able to swap out lenses and apply filters. Using one of these cameras means you can fine-tune your photographs and snap the perfect shot. 

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