Israel Foreign Ministry YouTube Ad Calls For Support

An ad titled ‘Hamas Declared War Against Israel’ has been circulating on YouTube.

Social media users were quick to call out this advertisement on YouTube today. The Ad, run by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a simple voice over with text in English, asking for support from the audience, and make a world wide promise that “Israel will take every measure necessary” to protect Israeli citizens.

The language, accompanied by the apocalyptical voice over, and bold text, both in English, on a black background sim to deliver a decisive Mes sage, some suggest that it masks and leaves out the bigger picture of an 80 year strife of the Palestinian people.

Via Yassin Draws

Social media users, especially on “X” platform, formally known as “Twitter”, have accused the ad of propaganda, and calling out for genocide.

“I wanna watch YouTube, not view outrageous propaganda by the genocidal nation of Israel”, wrote a user who identified as Clintonomor on X.

The Ad ends on an almost dystopian note as several social media users referred to it as such, linking it to The Big Brother from George Orwell’s 1984.