Lebanese-British Humanitarian Lawyer Amal Clooney’s Silence On Gaza Sparks Global Backlash

Since the start of the Gaza genocide, a lot of global celebrities and public figures used their platforms to speak up about the tragic and ongoing injustice faced by millions of Palestinians. That is why it has come as a shock to many that Lebanese-British barrister Amal Clooney has not yet spoken up about Gaza. Many have taken to social media to berate the lawyer for her ongoing silence.

One user recently shared a video on Instagram of Clooney actively pleading for the end of Ukraine war crimes. “This so called ‘humanitarian lawyer’ vocally stood up for Ukraine but is dead silent on Gaza,” wrote the user, in frustration with Clooney’s selectiveness in who she supports. Other users also commented on the video, expressing their shared frustration: “And we were so proud that this Lebanese was one of our own. Her silence on the Middle East is very saddening.”

Another user made an even sharper remark by comparing Clooney’s silence to Angelina Jolie’s full-fledged support, “Angelina is doing more for Palestine than her. Period.” Beyond that, many are not taking the situation lightly as the mere mention of Clooney in a post triggers an onslaught of comments on social media platforms. With the 2023 British Fashion Awards in full swing, many global celebrities have been arriving at the event, one of which is Clooney except that unlike the other celebrities getting celebrated her arrival was met with backlash on social media.

When Vogue Magazine shared a post of Clooney arriving at the 2023 British Fashion Awards in a Versace gown, users took it as an opportunity to continue to voice their frustration. Vogue Magazine referred to Clooney as a “human rights lawyer” so one of the users responded by commenting “You mean the human rights lawyer who has said nothing about a genocide in Palestine” while another was more creative in her approach, “1 sequin for every Palestinian child she didn’t care about.”

With all the ongoing backlash faced by Clooney, it is unknown whether she will respond and take action or continue to be silent towards Palestine. What is obvious is that the global community will not stop fighting and criticizing anyone who doesn’t put an active effort into supporting Palestine.

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