Language Mix-Ups, Culture Shocks & More: Get Ready For The Funniest Interracial Couple Stories Out There

From the hilarious to the downright shocking, Interracial couples always have some of the most amusing stories to share; packed with misunderstandings and the most shocking incidents. That is why we’ve searched high and low for a special collection of interracial couple stories that will are both hilarious and adorable.

A Scoop Of Misunderstanding

I am Egyptian and one time, my British husband and I went to buy ice-cream. So there’s this thing in Egyptian culture where sellers would say “khaly”, it’s a polite cultural custom wherein the shopkeeper would keep insisting that we don’t have to pay but…you are still expected to pay at the end. My dear old husband didn’t know that important detail and so when we went to pay and the guy said “khaly”, my husband thought it was genuinely free, took his ice-cream and began to walk away. The shopkeeper was fuming and began chasing after my husband and there I was, just standing there and bursting into a fit of giggles.

– Mai Mostafa

The Spicy Incident

I am Egyptian and my wife is Ethiopian and always loved having me try out her cuisine. There was one day when she made a signature dish in Ethiopia of chicken stew with eggs eaten with injera, their national flatbread. It smelt amazing so I dug right in, taking one quick bite after another but then, I ended up biting into a piece of chili pepper. Not only was my entire face on fire, I couldn’t feel my tongue for an entire 30 minutes and ended up chugging 6 milk cartons like a lunatic. The entire time, my wife had her face in her hands, embarrassed but equally amused, trying to hide her giggles.

– Ahmed Atia

A Seesaw Of Bows

Via WeXpats

I can never forget the first time that my Lebanese dad met my Japanese boyfriend at our house. When he arrived to our house, he gently knocked on the door to the extent that we didn’t hear him the first three times. My dad was the one who wanted to go and greet him and I decided to go as well to break the ice. Once there, my dad opened the door, in came my boyfriend who stepped inside and then immediately faced my dad. He bowed his head and so my dad did the same but then my boyfriend did it again so my dad also bowed once again. This went on for ages and I just stood there, my head turning from my dad to my boyfriend and back again to my dad. It was truly a sight that I’ll never forget.

– Lara Gameel

The Dreaded Game Of Cards

One time I was chilling with my friends and we were playing a round of cards. Then my Russian wife came in and ended up joining us. So it turns out that she can be quite competitive and intense as each time she would lose a game, her hand would slam the table and we’d find her shoving all the playing cards on the floor all while cursing in Russian to an amused Egyptian audience. That is why we eventually caved in and had her win the 5th, 6th and 7th rounds of the game. Later, her dad also joined us, immediately catching onto to what we were doing and couldn’t help holding in his laughter knowing exactly why his daughter who sucks at card games is somehow unapologetically beating all of us.

– Selim Ali

It goes without saying that when it comes to interracial relationships, mishaps and linguistic misunderstandings are guaranteed but they do make for some hilarious stories to be shared among friends and family. Let us know in the comments if you know of any other funny interracial stories that will guarantee a good laugh.

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