A Hilarious Spill Of Shocking Newborn Mishaps

The first days of parenthood can feel like a real blur and stream of endless diaper changes and sleepless nights. It may not feel amusing at the time but it does result in a treasure trove of hilarious stories to share with friends and family especially at times when a good laugh is much needed. Read on to find out about some of these first hand accounts of hilarious newborn mishaps.

The Unforeseeable Spew

It was during the middle of one of the many sleepless diaper changing nights that I’ve grown accustomed to ever since my son Ali was born. Only this time, the little guy was not yet done with his business. Imagine this, here I am, changing his diaper, like I always do overnight only to be rapidly assaulted by projectile missiles of the brown nature. My response was to leave said child on the couch and leap as far back as possible to dodge the incoming attack. My wife, on the other hand, found the entire scene to be quite amusing and laughed hysterically the entire time while also reprimanding me for the damage done to her favorite couch.

– Adham Yasser

A Shocking Landing

On a flight back to Cairo, I was seated between my husband and seven year old son while my newborn daughter was relaxing on my lap. The entire trip went pretty smoothly as she slept for the majority of the flight so we were all pretty relieved. As we all buckled up to prepare for landing, I told my husband that we probably should travel more with the kids considering how peaceful the past two flights were. Let me tell you, I definitely spoke too soon because in that very minute, my daughter woke up and began to cry hysterically. To soothe her, I fed her a bottle of milk which she chugged pretty quickly while cabin pressure began to increase the closer we reached the tarmac. The build up proved too strong because before we knew it, the moment the plane landed, the baby projectile vomited the entire bottle onto her 7 year old brother. Guess the silver lining of the story is that we weren’t miles in the air when it happened.

– Nadine Welly

The Forgotten Child

One night, my wife and I were at my parent’s house for a much needed family gathering. Our newborn was soundlessly asleep in her pink stroller so we were all able to enjoy a peaceful and delicious meal together. Once the night came to a close, we said our goodbyes and got in the car to head home. Halfway through our journey, we received a call from my dad and immediately assumed that we must have forgotten something. With a hint of sarcasm we heard him say, “it seems you forgot something” along with the sound of cackles and coos in the background. We put two and two together and realized we forgot our daughter back home at my dad’s house, sound asleep in the stroller, just as we left her.

– Nadir Mostafa

What’s Her Name Again?

My baby was about 2 months old when I decided to invite some friends over to meet her for the first time. They all brought their kids as well, some were newborns, others were much older. We all sat together at my living room to enjoy some snacks and have a fun chat. During one of the many conversations of that day, one of my friends asked about my daughter’s name, so I was like “Its a great name, I actually named her after my grandmother” but then, for some unknown reason, I couldn’t bring myself to remember her name. There I was, eyebrows arched as I tried to remember my own daughter’s name in a room full of mothers, silently judging me. To make matters worse, all I needed to do was to gaze down on my baby’s blanket as her name was right there, dead center, monogrammed on the blanket for all to see.

– Mariam Waleed

The Unexpected Snack

I remember a day when I was feeling extremely sick and couldn’t move or do anything but just lay there on the bed. At that time, my daughter was a couple of months old and was extremely attached to me to the extent that if I left her for just five minutes, she would cry hysterically for hours. That day, she did not stop crying since the moment I woke up and the only thing I knew would calm her was her favorite snack, butter biscuits. So I told the nanny to give my daughter small pieces of the biscuit to munch on and just like that, in a few minutes, the entire house was draped in silence. I was so relieved and exhausted that I went into an hour long nap only to be woken up by the nanny once again. My daughter was with her and to my surprise, her entire face was covered in orange corn puff flakes. Turns out butter biscuits may not be her favorite snack after all.

– Basant Moamen

Whether its diapers, snacks or forgotten names, having these mishaps with one’s newborn makes for great stories but also are a natural part of any parent’s learning curve as they navigate the ins and outs of early parenting.

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