Kamel Karamak: Unilever Show Us What Ramadan Is Truly About

Via Kamel Karamak
Via Kamel Karamak


Making a difference in people’s lives and helping those in need is an obligation. As Egyptians, it is our duty to lend a helping hand to those who desperately need it especially in the holy month of Ramadan where people have sought different ways and opportunities to give back to the less fortunate.


Via Kamel Karamak


The Egyptian Food Bank in cooperation with Unilever invited us to Hilton Dreamland, 6th of October to celebrate their 4th Kamel Karamak campaign this Ramadan in the most wonderful and thoughtful way. The campaign stresses on the well-known generosity of Egyptians even in the toughest and most challenging times and circumstances, through an overall theme of “Ramadan, Never Give Back An Empty Plate,” encouraging Egyptians to participate in a national campaign targeting one million Ramadan meals in 30 villages across Egypt.


Via Kamel Karamak


We were thrilled to take part in this generous charity campaign that impacted around eight million Egyptians in a number of marginalized villages. And with this year’s campaign we were able to truly see and feel what Ramadan is all about.



Across the years, this campaign became a National campaign were the government and private sectors, civil society and NGOs are all aligned towards one goal represented by reducing hunger and drive an awareness campaign on food waste management – especially in the holy month of Ramadan.



WE SAID THIS: There was no better way we could’ve celebrated the last days of Ramadan than with this heartfelt campaign.

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