Interested in Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality, or Veganism? Check out Our Interview With Dada Sumitanada!

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Recently, people in the Arab world have increasingly been showing interest in a more healthy and spiritual lifestyle. Yoga classes are full and available everywhere more than ever, and vegetarian and vegan options are more available than they used to be several years ago.

As I began to notice the increase, I couldn’t help to pass the opportunity of interviewing a very influential man when it comes to yoga, meditation, spirituality, and veganism, Dada Sumitanada, on his tenth visit to Egypt!

Dada Sumitanada was born in 1947, and joined the Ananda Marga Yoga Society in 1963. He became an Archarya, qualified yoga and meditation teacher, in 1965. He traveled to over 50 countries around the world to give courses, seminars in yoga, meditation, alternative lifestyle, stress management, and more. He also worked in relief work in sub-saharan Africa and different parts of the world.

How is the Middle East different from the different regions you’ve worked in before?

In different regions, people have a different interests in this lifestyle. Now, young educated people in the Middle East are more receptive to this lifestyle more than ever. They came to understand that it helps them maintain a healthy and alternative lifestyle.

How can you explain the benefits of yoga and meditation to someone who has never tried them before?

Yoga and meditation can help reduce worries and anxiety. They increase your capacity to decrease and control stress that come as a result of the modern lifestyle. They also help you to relax and be more focused, and able to do your work more efficiently. They help you have a positive state of mind, and be more optimistic towards life.

What do you think stands in the way of people to embrace the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle?

Some people are very convinced with the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, but cannot embrace it because of different reasons; including the peer pressure of family and friends. The mind of the human is very strong and if one decides to be vegetarian/vegan, they will be able to do it.

The vegetarian/vegan lifestyle is a bit expensive. How can a person who wants to live a minimalist life embrace such a lifestyle?

I’ve been living this lifestyle for more than fifty years. People in India are poor and eat similar food to Egyptians and they are perfectly fine living it. Beans are a much cheaper and a more healthy source of protein. If people cook their food at home, and do good research, they’ll definitely find good alternatives that are affordable and delicious.

How does yoga contribute to the person’s life?

The three aspects are physical, mental, and spiritual. Yoga is a philosophy and practice that doubles the three and help the person become the complete human being. Yoga is a passion; a real yogi isn’t a person who practices once per week just for health and beauty.

A yogi is a person that exercises every day and follows the yoga lifestyle.

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