A Look at Nadine Njeim’s Mesmerizing Beauty

Via albawaba

The mole that started it all, the Lebanese beauty that mesmerized the Middle East, Nadine Njeim. Winner of Miss Lebanon 2004 and Miss universe 2005 is still stealing hearts with her angelic features. Her popularity and charm outlived her beauty pageant days as she pursued acting.

The 35-year-old mother of two is constantly spamming our Instagram feeds and we’re drooling over her beauty.

Her 15-year challenge dropped our jaws, throwing it all the way back to her pageant days. Starting her career as young as 16.

Her post-pageant career kicked off in the acting world, starring in Nos Youm, Al Hayba, Cello, and many more. The beauty proved to be more than a pretty face by taking her acting skills to the silver screens



Marie Claire and Harper Bazaar amongst many magazines’ covers showcased the strong beauty with distinct Arabian features, locally and internationally. She soon became known for her sharp features and of course, the iconic glamorous mole on her cheek.


The mom is the ultimate goal, sharing her precious moment with her boy and girl. She’s constantly posting her babies and mommy moments, making many women look up to the polished role model.


She’s an inspiration to many, and the fearless woman works hard for her achievements that passed her looks, such as working with Makeup Forever. In addition to that, she collaborated with brands such as Bella lenses and Femi9 just to name a few. Despite her success, she stayed down to earth and interactive with her fans, one of the many reasons why we love her!  

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