The Bar Scene Of Downtown Cairo: All You Need To Know

Perhaps the oldest bars in all of Egypt, and the drinking spots of Downtown Cairo are the cornerstone of nightlife at the capital’s heart. These pubs are hidden gems offering good drinks and a chill atmosphere.

Once in the Downtown district, it could be difficult to spot one of these bars as a good number of them have been hiding in deep alleyways for generations; one just needs to know where to look. With plenty of options to choose from, get ready to experience the aesthetic Downtown like never before.

Stella Bar

Located at the intersection of Hoda Sha’rawy and Talat Harb streets, neighboring the delish breakfast destination Felfela, Stella Bar has been a staple for Downtown’s drinking scene for generations. It is a gathering place for intellectuals, expats, artists, locals, and much more.

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The signature drink there is, of course, Stella Beer, the Egyptian-made and brewed barley beer that has been around for more than a century. Other drinks are available too, and all range from low to mid-price. The bar is bustling with diverse clientele, so maybe buckle up for a night of good drinks, groovy vibes, and unforgettable conversations.

El Horreya

Just off Bab Al-Louq Street, near the Greek Campus, in the midst of Downtown’s liveliness, sits El Horreya Bar and Cafe. It is not a pub of the traditional sense, but more of a Baladi Egyptian cafe that offers beer, which is the only available spirit while we are still on the subject.

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With mirror-covered walls, high ceilings, and neon lights, El Horreya is very distinctive, perhaps the last of its kind. It is familiar to students, tourists, expats, and locals. The bar has been there at the same spot for ages and people keep going there because apparently, it offers the most budget-friendly beer in Egypt.

Happy City Rooftop

Happy City is a Downtown hotel situated at Mohammed Farid Street; the place wouldn’t be that special if it were not for its Rooftop Bar that has a view of all of Downtown Cairo, and the best perk is that it’s open 24/7. It has mid-priced beer and serves delicious mezze. So, if you are in for a chill night with your Stella and a Parisian-like view of the Nile, this is the place to go.

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Named after its original owner the French Maurice, Morais has been standing in the heart of Adly Street for decades. It is one of the easily-spotted bars of the Downtown scene, with its red exterior and Stella sign.

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It is a place where you can have fun and enjoy the company of friendly strangers who will not mind if you join in the conversation. And even though the clientele is predominantly male, females there will not have any trouble sitting down for a beer or two.

New Arizona

One of the smallest bars of Downtown Cairo, yet rich in history, New Arizona is just across the street from Sherezade. On the inside, old paintings and photographs hang next to Stella decorations. From time to time, expect the neighborhood-friendly cat to sleep on your lap before strolling off to find a new sitting spot.

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Once you enter, you will find Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling with an old-fashioned TV on the left side of the room. It is one of the coziest and quietest bars out there. If you are not a fan of blinding lights and horribly loud music, but still looking for a place to drink, New Arizona is the place to be.


One of the oldest cabarets in all of Egypt, Miami has withstood the test of time. The stage has witnessed the Egyptian Queen of belly-dancing Samia Gamal who used to perform with fellow Superstar Tahya Karioka and has seen Egyptian legend Farid Al-Atrash pour his heart out. However, nowadays, the place is a bit overpriced and the service is not that great.

Le Comte

Don’t anger the bartender/owner by asking him if the bar is open, Le Comte is always open (in the evenings that is)! This is really a tough one to find, with all black wooden doors and no sign hidden in plain sight in between two flashy low-end clothing stores, this bar is a true treasure.

With a host of friendly cats and really interesting patrons who drink and talk with the charming bartender to the sounds of a semi-resident oud player that serenades all who listen to his old Egyptian Abd El Halim and Om Kulthoum songs.

Fairly priced with mezza that comprises termes (Lupine) and cucumber slices soaked in a salad mix that won’t poison you, you can have the server grab you some chips or cigarettes from a close-by kiosk.

The Greek Club

There used to be two of them so to clarify the one we are talking about is off Talaat Harb Sq. on Mahmoud Basyouny Street. You will need to pay around 20 pounds as an entrance fee and they won’t let you in with shorts/flip flops so dress smart casual. Enjoy average-costing beers and decent food (although the portions are a bit small) while enjoying football games and the occasional Greek gathering where you can glimpse Greek dancing and songs.

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As the main sitting area is in a special courtyard hugged by surrounding buildings, the old architecture of the structure is something to enjoy but certain types of drinks can run out especially during the busy weekend or some maybe a bit warm so head there early.


While technically a restaurant the patrons mainly go there to drink mostly or catch up on intellectual chats with drinking buddies and it’s a nice place quiet for a casual drink. You can find Estoril inside an alley between Talaat Harb and Kasr El Nil Streets, that area is quite rich in bars and old restaurants that serve alcohol but Google Maps is accurate enough to find them.

Carol Bar

Although a newer addition to the technically historic bars of downtown, the ambiance of the exterior makes you feel like you’re in a noir movie but as soon as you enter the lights and mood become a charming mix of old and new.

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While many bars on this list could be a bit run down and rough around the edges Carol is quite crisp and slightly more expensive than other locales but that’s okay. This modern bar is highly recommended for a date night or pre-drinking before going to a super fancy place.

Cap D’Or

Although it’s on the smaller side, Cap D’or on Abd El Khalek Tharwat Street has great energy and friendly staff to see to your drinking needs. For football or food needs you can order food and snacks from the surrounding stores for a little extra while watching their big-screen TVs.

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Bearing in mind that booze prices are on the moderate side, this contemporary-looking spot can get crowded quite quickly so my advice is to call ahead to ask how full the place is and this advice goes to other bars on the list.

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