We Asked 11 Egyptians How They Cooked Their Indomie and Here’s What They Said

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Ahh, Indomie noodles. The gift that keeps on giving. It’s cheap so it’s there for you when you’re broke at the end of the month, and it comes in tons of flavors. But what makes Indomie special is that the sky is the limit when it comes to cooking them. Don’t get us? We’ve asked Egyptians how they cooked their Indomie and here’s what they said.



I empty the entire pack in a bowl, add water and microwave it for three minutes.


I sometimes eat it raw, and I love it. It’s very crunchy and tasty.


I boil an egg while I cook my Indomie then have it with it.


I put cheese and butter in the pan on the noodles while they’re being cooked.


I add vegetables and chicken while I’m cooking the Indomie. It adds so much to the flavor and makes it so delicious.


Via Tumblr.
Via Tumblr.


I don’t care if they’re not the fried noodles kind, after I’m done cooking the Indomie I drain all the water, add the condiments then have it.


I cook it with so much water because Indomie soup is literally the best.


I once turned my fried noodles into an omlette. Ah walahy!


I add vegetables and meat and turn it into a stir fry. No joke. I prefer using Indomie noodles than the glass or egg noodles that you can buy from the shop.


I sometimes add peanut butter to it and pretend it’s a Pad Thai.


I have it with baladi or toast bread. For real, I fill the bread with noodles then dip it into the soup and eat it.


Via Tumblr.
Via Tumblr.



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