Rev It Up: Drifters Release the Hype in Dreamland


Whenever we hear the word ‘drifting,’ the Fast and Furious movies come to our minds. That’s exactly what happened when we headed to Rev It Up, the drift racing tournament that was held last week in 6th of October’s Dreamland.



The 45 contestants had us at the edge of our seats, as everyone screamed for their favorite drifter to reach the finish line. The competition had judges from three different countries; Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt. We were lucky to bump into our old friend and seasoned drifter, Haitham Samir, who’s currently being sponsored by our favorite energy drink Hype. He briefly explained the history of drifting in Egypt, which started back in 2011. Samir talked to us about his Mitsubishi Evolution, and how it has been with him since 2009. If that’s not love, we don’t know what is.



“Back in 2014, drifters who win the first and second place were granted the opportunity to participate in Car Park Drift, a competition that was held in Dubai by Red Bull, and drifters from all around the Arab world were challenged to reach the first place,” Samir tells us.



We asked him if he sees any future for drifting in Egypt, and he replies with: “Well, you can see the crowd right? They keep increasing tournament after the other. The presence is what keeps us, drifters, going.”



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