Everything You Need to Know About Eid Al-Adha 2016 Movies

Most Arabs wait from Eid Al-Fetr to Eid Al-Adha for movies (and the agaza we all take from work), so we thought it would make everyone’s Eid slightly easier if you know what you were going to watch before you did.


1) Kalb Balady



An Egyptian-style supernatural story about a guy who has been breastfed by a balady dog (you read that right). He then starts behaving like dogs, and gets into trouble for that. Yes, this is a movie about a guy who’s literally an ebn kalba.



2) Hamlit Fraizer



Inspired by Game of Thrones (probably), this futuristic Egypt is all about winter. No other seasons are there. Just cold. We have to say that we’re loving this whole new Sci-Fi stuff.



3) Laf w Dawaran



Ahmed Helmy returns with a dark comedy movie where he portrays the role of the Egyptian woman in relationships. We really, really hope the movie doesn’t end up being sexist. #RootingForHelmy



4) Saber Google



Saber is a tech fiend that ends up dealing business with big people and getting into bigger trouble.



5) Ta7t El-Tarabeiza



Mohamed Saad plays Essam Sengary, a hotshot lawyer who defends bad people. He then gets in a train accident which turns him into 7anako. This is basically every Mohamed Saad movie.



6) 3ashan Khargeen



We don’t quite understand this one, but it involves a love story squeezed into a few ups and more downs in a series of hilarious catastrophes.



Movies from last Eid that you can still watch



7) Men 30 Sana



A rich Egyptian man flies back to his motherland to distribute his wealth among his family that’s composed of nine people. He warns them that his money is cursed, but obviously, none of them listen to him, and then s*** gets real.



8) Ga7eem Fel Hend



A cop story about saving the Egyptian ambassador in India.




WE SAID THIS: We don’t know about you but we’re going to the movies a lot this Eid.


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