Independence Mode On: What you Should Start Doing Alone

When it comes to having an enjoyable time in anything you’re doing, company is one of the main factors that come into play, tripling the enjoyment to say the least. However, company isn’t everything, and isn’t a factor that’s supposed to hinder you from partaking in lots of activities simply because it’s missing. There are many things in life that still need to be experienced and explored. Things you should find the silver lining of doing alone.

Sign up for a Martial Arts/Dance Class

Ever seen stories of people rooting for a yoga or martial arts class that you wanted to attend so badly? You may never have joined because none of your friends had the time or were enthusiastic enough to join. I bet the answer is yes, and I bet you’re regretting all these chances for fitness and enjoyment that you’ve missed. Try out that boxing class, that dance session, or whatever it is you’re interested in on your own, learn some moves, and make new friends from there!

Get a ticket to a movie/play

When it comes to this one, people are reluctant to try it out, because those who go to movie theaters alone are looked down upon as ‘lame.’ A misconception we ought to start changing, because there’s nothing wrong with deciding to have a good movie-time on your own. So sit back, enjoy the show, and chow down some of that caramelized popcorn! At least there won’t be any distractions from friends who turn every emotional scene into a joke, or keep asking you about incidents taking place as if you wrote the movie script yourself.

Travel solo

You can literally google the benefits of traveling solo, and you’ll find tons of answers and inspirational stories narrating how traveling solo was a life altering experience for them. As much as it’s beautiful having a person to create memories with and share your restless feet with, experiencing a totally different culture on your own is a whole new level of excitement! You learn, you grow, and most importantly, you learn how to enjoy your own company. Many celebrities from around the world find it a need to travel at least once per year on their own. The amount of peace, growth, and self discovery it brings them is unmatchable. Why not follow their lead?

Go to dinner for a culturally different cuisine

Always wanted to try out that Mexican place across the street? No need to wait around and find someone who has the same taste in food as you. Go have a decent meal alone, take a book with you, and wait for your scrumptious meal to be served!

Go for a walk/cycle

Not everyone is an early bird, but if you are, why not go for a walk in a nearby garden/park, or take your bicycle for a refreshing ride early in the morning? Avoid all the crowds and congestion, and listen to nothing but the sounds of birds chirping. Hop on a bicycle, and thank us later!

Do boring errands

You read this right. We don’t always enjoy doing those daily and mundane routine tasks like fixing the car or dropping the kids off at school. We usually wait for a partner or friend who’s available so the process can be a little less boring. But what if you decide to look at it differently? You carry out these tasks, and on your way back, you take the longer road so you can car-jam and listen to your favorite music, with no one judging you for your taste. And treat yourself to that vanilla iced coffee that you love on your way back!

Volunteer for a good cause

When it comes to you feeling the need to help others, there’s really no need to wait around for someone who feels like doing the same. Helping others and volunteering as a group is undoubtedly encouraging. If this isn’t on the table for you yet, try not making this a reason to stop you from leaving your own imprint on the world.

Act as a tourist in your own country

Be it a visit to a museum or exploring another city, doing so alone will definitely give your life a boost of adventure. Discover the beauty of places in your country without side talks and those mini-fights within the group over where to go first. Move at your own pace alone!

Attend a live concert

Going to a concert on your own is definitely better than sharing the experience with someone who doesn’t share your taste of music. If you don’t take the step to start normalizing attending live shows on your own, you’ll probably miss out on a lot of your favorite bands simply because you couldn’t find the right companions for it!

WE SAID THIS: Enjoy your own company, and make sure you never miss out on anything just because your companions aren’t available!