Tips and Benefits: Why You Should Travel Solo

By Nour El-Miligi

There’s no doubt that to have company when traveling is always good; to have a person to share with the restless feet, the fun memories and laughter, it adds a sense of pleasure and comfort. However, experiencing traveling on your own, even just once, is a whole different ride. For all the benefits and joy it brings, one eye-opening solo trip wouldn’t hurt anybody, would it? So without further ado, here’s a list of reasons why traveling alone is a must for everyone.

You’ll kiss your comfort zone goodbye

Having family and friends around you hinders the chance of you becoming self reliant, but when you’re out there on your own, you’ll be forced to solve your own problems. Those heavy suitcases aren’t carrying themselves, you are. 

You’ll have a healthy detox and self-discovery experience

As you witness the mesmerizing sunset behind mountains, you’ll get to have an escape from social media and the bustling atmosphere of city life. Self-awareness will skyrocket when you get the time to have your own personal space, getting the heavy weight of stress off your shoulders, discovering new versions of yourself, and more about your true capabilities. 

It will boost your self-confidence

Traveling alone means you’ve made a plan and you stuck to it. You’ve had enough bravery to explore the world and stopped leaning on anyone but yourself. It’ll give you the time to self reflect and ditch bad habits of yours. All these things will contribute to boosting your self-confidence and improve your mental health.

You’ll choose your own path and move lightly

No more arguments about where to go first and when to eat, that spoils any trip. It’s just you, the master of your own sea making your own decisions with no one else to resist! Furthermore, when you’re not attached to a group of friends, you’ll find yourself moving lighter and faster. An amazing place to visit alone and enjoy the nature is Isla Grande Panama, read more about it here.

A beautiful trip with no drama included is all we wish for.

You’ll make new friends

Staying at hostels with strangers and eating traditional food that locals suggested will force you to try out new things and meet new people to keep you company, people whom you’d have never had the chance to know if you weren’t traveling solo.

Experience the sheer taste of freedom

After you travel alone, you won’t be tied to other people’s wills and approvals to accompany you. If you want to go for anything, you’ll just get yourself up, pack, and go!

Trust us on this one, and you’ll feel prideful gaining the fruits of your labor. 

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