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Very soon, the Champions League will return to sports arenas, and fans will find out the name of the new strongest club on the Old Continent. It’s always easy to monitor the latest soccer result on the website of sports statistics, where only reliable information is presented to customers.

The new format of the tournament, which was adopted this spring, gives noticeably greater chances for modest clubs to enter the next stage of the competition. For players it’s noticeably easier to make up their minds for only one match and demonstrate their maximum.

That is why among the main favourites of the tournament this time is PSG. The current champion of France in the current campaign has finally managed to pass the 1/8 of the finals and has good chances to finally seriously compete for the main club trophy of the Old Continent.

Fans can easily monitor the latest soccer results of all matches of this tournament on the website of sports statistics. A detailed match schedule is also available here. As for PSG, the break of the football season in France can have double consequences. On the one hand, the club can fully focus on the Champions League, on the other, it will not have serious game practice, which may also affect the results.

How will the situation unfold? Fans will find out the answer to this question only in sports arenas. The reliable resource updates information from them in real time.

Main favorites of the UEFA Champion league

In any case, the Parisians will have to show their maximum, because they will have to compete against the top teams. To confirm their status as one of the main favourites of the UEFA Champion league, the team of Thomas Tuchel needs to advance as far as possible in the tournament standings.

However, this is a quite realistic task, given the following factors:

  1. PSG has one of the best lineups in the world. And now it is very balanced, there is no such bias towards attack as there was before. As a result, the team scores a lot and misses a little.
  2. Motivation. For several years in a row, the team was kicked out at the 1/8 stage. The current draw is the best opportunity to prove to skeptics that PSG is a grandee even by European standards.
  3. Individual mastery of leaders. With such stars as Mbappe, Neymar, Thiago Silva and many others, it is always easy to expect that you will be able to win any match.

Follow the news of the UEFA Champion league on the proven platform to not miss anything important. This is especially important now, when such a unique draw of the tournament occurred, in which there were already many surprises that impressed everyone.

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