Green Flags Spotted: What it Feels Like Being in a Healthy Relationship

While the gears are now turned towards the direction of looking out for ‘red flags’ in a relationship, people share the common traits/base that gather all failed relationships. So we thought of going in the other direction, mentioning the green flags that once spotted with an ideal healthy partner, know that you’re doing well and there is nothing to be worried about – at least for the near future!

When you’re emotionally invested in someone and are involved in a romantic relationship, it’s important to keep an eye out for the subtle things that can drain the happiness out of your life (to see him without rose-colored glasses). Be it anger issues, playing mind games, or someone who can possibly be a cheater. No one wants to fall for that, but one would also love to look at the brighter sides, looking for actual telltale signs that your potential partner is a keeper! So, without further ado, here are some of the green flags to look out for.

Feeling safe – physically and emotionally

It goes without saying that one of the most important feelings that should be taking over throughout your relationship is actually feeling safe around them. If you’re feeling threatened or vulnerable around them, what are you even doing? When it comes to physical safety, it’s when you know that your personal boundaries are honored and body language is controlled. While emotional safety lies in knowing that you’re unconditionally accepted and loved – your feelings and maybe past traumas are embraced.

Considers/fulfills your needs as much as possible

We’re not talking about a person who expects their partner to act as a superman/wonder woman who’d make all their dreams come true, because this doesn’t exist in a partner. Maybe finding a genie in a bottle can help with that. We’re talking about reasonable needs of emotional support or help.

When you’re partner is actually attentive and a good listener, who takes care of your needs and looks after you. When you don’t feel discarded by your lover when they tell you to “lower your expectations” – you start soaring to new heights. You start discovering your self-worth, and that the seemingly farfetched dream of finding a tender partner that appreciates and embraces your softness, isn’t really that farfetched.

Can communicate openly without fearing the consequences

Any two partners have their beef and fights, it’s only human nature. But you cannot have a panic attack every time this happens, or decide to swallow your feelings and not communicate your concerns with your partner, just because you’re afraid your entire relationship will go downhill or end. You shouldn’t be walking on eggshells just because they keep threatening to break up with you. We cannot stress enough how important this is!

When they give you a safe space for open communication where you both can discuss your concerns, and being able to get along in the wake of the argument, without facing a long term tense silence or harsh treatment. When you have these kinds of healthy fights, it’s not just a green flag, it’s a freaking lightbulb!

 You align similarly on religious issues

If you’re religious and this subject matters to you, it’s important to know beforehand where your partner stands in terms of religious beliefs. You don’t have to be on the exact same level, but at least having a common ground and a base where you can meet. As a general rule of thumb, you don’t want to get emotionally invested in someone, only to find out later that you’re obliged to let them go due to differing religious ideologies.

They make you grow

When looking for a partner, it’s not only important to find someone who’s always rooting for you in whatever it is you’re doing (which is very important as well). However, it’s important to look for someone who cares enough for your wellbeing, offers you advice, or maybe constructive criticism when needed as well. A partner pushing you into becoming a better version of yourself is one of the greenest flags you can ever be blessed to spot!

They make effort – show up when you need them

Be it be for a graduation or for a funeral you’re attending. When you reach out for your partner and ask for emotional support, they don’t just throw a bunch of excuses to your face. But when they can, they show up and are there for you because they care and prioritize your needs.

You have independent lives

Being in love and spending much of your time together doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have some days for yourself. Both of you accepting the fact that there will come a time when the other person will need his/her space away from you to spend time with their family, friends or even having some “me time” is another green flag. When you can both have that without your partner guilt tripping or accusing you of ‘abandoning them.’ Talk about healthy and green flags!

You like who you are when they’re around

A person who genuinely loves you will point out all the beautiful qualities you have. Slowly, you start seeing yourself through their eyes, and ultimately regard yourself as someone who’s worthy of love. When they care about the littlest of details, when he/she are there for you in your ups and downs, you know that what you have is special and real.

WE SAID THIS: If you were able to spot some of the green flags mentioned here, congratulations, your partner is a keeper!