In Pictures: The Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on the Middle East

All over the Arab world, governments are advising their citizens to stay at home and to #FlattenTheCurve. Social distancing has become widespread, and the once-bustling streets are now deserted. Cinemas, museums, and sport events are all put on hold.

The pandemic is impacting businesses small and big, people are panic-buying, and hospitals are prepping for what’s to come; it is horrific, to say the least.

After people in the Middle East have witnessed the crisis unfold in Italy, everyone is taking precautions, and a look in the region shows how many of its once bustling landmarks are now empty. Here are some pictures to take you through this eerie phenomenon.

Government worker disinfecting main metro line in the Iranian capital. Tehran, Iran. Via Gulf News .
Empty cafe in the once-bustling city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Via CNN.
An Iranian sanitary worker disinfects Qom’s Masumeh Shrine, Qom, Iran. Via Gulf News.
Saudi Arabia put a hold on the year-round umrah, Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Via CNN.
Healthcare professionals preparing to quarantine the first-ever coronavirus case in Cairo, Egypt. Via Ahram Online.
Kuwaiti citizens wear protective face masks in Mubarakiya Market, Kuwait City, Kuwait. Via Gulf News.
Hospitals in Beirut, Lebanon preparing for incoming coronavirus cases. Via Al-Manar.
Empty streets in Beirut, Lebanon after coronavirus news. Via Al-Manar.
Government worker disinfecting holy shrines at Najaf, Iraq. Via The National.

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